Working with Me

I am a student of life and a licensed psychotherapist whose own life is committed to deep and profound healing. For sixteen years, I have offered
myself as a guide, a vessel, and a healer with a medicine bag. I look for the wisdom and meaning, for the possibilities and hope, for the moments where you can make contact into the depths of your truth. I let myself feel your experience as deeply and honestly as I can. I look for the story that has been given through your life, your struggle, your pain, and then, together we try to move into the heart of it, where you can become intimate with the meaning of your life.

With every client who walks through my doorway, I hold the potential for growth. Regardless of your starting point, whether you’re trying without success to get pregnant, experiencing painful conflict in your relationship or with your children, struggling with on-going illness, or simply trying to understand your life’s calling, there exists the ability to make contact with a deeper part of yourself, the part where your life force resides.

I have come to believe that one’s fertility is synonymous with one’s life force.  Fertility is the beauty, the green lush rain forest that lives within us. It is our creativity, and the expression of our birthright. I say to my clients, “Where is the fertility in your life? Is the fertility living in your body? Is the relationship between you and your partner juicy? Are you parenting with joy? Are you living your life’s dream?”

Through honest and diligent exploration, I will offer you a nurturing, direct, and life altering therapeutic experience. It is my goal to attune to the message your psyche and body are trying to convey. This is your time to delve into how you think, feel, and communicate, all of which affect your personal well-being, and every other aspect of your life. This is your sacred space to connect to your feelings and to be heard and compassionately seen. It is my honor to be a conduit, so that you may connect to the center of your being.


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